Crypto1Capital Review – Why Pick Crypto1Capital?

Crypto1Capital logoCrypto1Capital is a Forex and CFDs brokerage platform developed by Awardhill Ltd. This broker has been serving international clients for many years now without any kind of bad reviews, which means that it is a reliable and trustworthy brokerage website. In this Crypto1Capital review, I will share my experience at Crypto1Capital with you.

I had been hearing about this broker for many weeks now but couldn’t visit it. After hearing it from my colleagues once again, my curiosity arose, which propelled me to visit this platform and check out its features. It is one of the very few brokers that impressed me on the very first visit, and that is why I am writing this review. The very first thing that caught my attention was the layout. The color combination that is used by developers is cold and attractive. The platform greeted me very well, and then my eyes were glued to what I saw next.

Crypto1Capital website

“Our strength is our versatility”

By reading this, I started to assume how this broker is versatile and when I browsed further, I found the answer as well. The platform offers four different kinds of trading accounts to its clients. Let’s go through the accounts briefly.

Silver Account: The silver account of Crypto1Capital has been designed to match the needs of beginner-level traders. The signing amount required for this account is only 250 dollars, and this amount will be transferred to your account.

Gold Account: Gold account is the second account of Crypto1Capital, and it provides complete functionality. The initial deposit limit for this account is 5,000 dollars, and its functions and features are simply awesome.

Platinum Account: The third account type offered by Crypto1Capital is the platinum account which can be opened by depositing at least 10k dollars. It is loaded with some advanced-level tools and features which make the process easier and more lucrative for the traders.

VIP Account: The fourth account offered by Crypto1Capital is the VIP account which can be opened by depositing a minimum of 50k dollars. It is the account that offers the most number of features, and it is dedicated to elite class traders.

A Demo Account:

Trading can indeed earn you millions of dollars, but it depends on traders’ abilities, skills, and experience. For beginner traders, it is a dream but not possible in reality. To make it possible, they need to practice, and for that reason, Crypto1Capital has introduced this feature. The demo account provides a real trading environment for traders, which enables them to experience both the bearish and the bullish trends. The traders can test their strategies by using this feature and figure out their mistakes as well.

Security Features:

Crypto1Capital security features

As I am a curious person, especially in terms of the security of assets and information, I quickly moved towards this feature to make sure that it is safe for traders or not. Without good security features, all other features of a broker lose their importance. You would be glad to know that this platform is hundred percent compliant with the standard security policies of KYC and AML. As per these policies, the platform makes sure that the identity and financial information provided by the clients is authentic or not.

To keep its clients safe from the evil plans of hackers, the broker has started using 256-bit encryption technology as well. It encrypts all the information of its clients as soon as it is received so that it becomes unreadable to outsiders.

Simple Registration Process:

After checking out the security features of Crypto1Capital, I became satisfied with this broker and decided to register myself with this platform. The broker has kept the registration process simple and convenient for its traders, so it takes hardly five minutes to get registered. The registration form asks for the following information from clients.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country of origin
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Password

After entering this information, the traders are asked to read the Terms and conditions of the broker and mark a tick in the relevant box. The broker has only one condition for the traders to register with this platform, and it is that they should be 18 years old at least.

Educational Material

The experience and skills of every second trader are different. Some traders might be in this field for years, while some may be buckling up to execute their first trade ever. Keeping this in view, Crypto1Capital is providing educational material as well on the platform. This feature shows the sincerity of the broker with its clients as it wants to train them so that they don’t face losses in the market.

The educational material provided by Crypto1Capital contains Video lectures, e-books, charts, daily news, and webinars. This material is being provided free of cost so that every trader enjoys easy access to these resources.

Customer Support Services

No brokerage platform can flourish if its customers’ support and grievances services are not up to the mark. In online trading, traders and brokers never meet in person, so all the responsibility comes down to the shoulders of customer support representatives. Customer support agents of this broker receive a formal education before taking this job. They know how to resolve the issues of traders and how to satisfy them.

The broker has provided different options through which the traders can contact the support team. Firstly, multiple email addresses are given on the platform that can be used to register complaints and give feedback as well. Secondly, the broker has provided the contact numbers of all its offices (Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and Netherlands) on its web page. These numbers can also be used to contact the platform for any kind of help.

Final Remarks

These are some of the features of Crypto1Capital that inspired me the most, and I decided to write this review so that other traders also avail the services of this amazing brokerage platform. Due to the shortage of allowed words, I couldn’t review all its features. I recommend you to visit the platform and see the other features with your own eyes.